Could Your Dog Be The Next “Benji!!??” Walden Media Announces Global Online Casting Call For Canine Star Of NEW ‘Benji’ MOVIE

Hi everyone! It’s Dakota and welcome to Fun Friday! Oh my dog hold on to your tail!  Have I ever got news for YOU!

Are you adorable?

Do you have movie-star potential? Knowing many of you as I do I would say that ABSOLUTELY you do!

Are you Mr. or Mrs.” Pawsonality” Plus?



Remember Benji, the cute as a puppy’s nose doggy from the movie of the same name? Since some of you are still young pups you might not be completely familiar with Benji so check this out!

Benji and friend

About Benji

One of the biggest success stories of independent American cinema, the original 1974 Benji tells the story of a homeless but beloved small-town stray who, together with a female companion, helps to foil a kidnapping. The film was written, produced, financed and directed by commercial director Joe Camp, Jr., for less than $100,000.  Unable to find a distributor among the Hollywood studios, Joe and wife Carolyn Camp released the G-rated film themselves, starting with a two-screen engagement in Dallas. Benji instantly connected with moviegoers, and eventually became a worldwide hit, spawning a franchise that included four sequels, numerous television specials, a Saturday morning series, a syndicated comic strip and a multitude of merchandising deals.  Over 73 million people—more than half of them adults—saw Benji in movie theatres and more than a billion people worldwide have seen it on television. The franchise remains hugely successful to this day, selling millions of DVDs in the past few years alone. 

Want a chance to be the next Benji?

Well read on my friends!

Dog Owners and Shelter Staff are Invited to Post Pictures of their Benji Lookalikes on a Special Facebook Page for a Chance to Land their Pet the Role of a Lifetime!!!

Look at that face!

In the days of the original Benji search, Facebook and social media didn’t exist and Benji was “discovered” in a shelter in California. To celebrate the efforts of our shelters nationwide, in addition to the Facebook search, the filmmakers will also be scouring animal shelters as well as traditional animal talent agencies and trainers for dogs that have the looks, onscreen charisma and ability to take direction required to step into the film’s starring role.

Here’s your chance to be famous!! Sadly for me I’m outta luck. I don’t look like Benji, but if they ever do a re-make of Lassie, hint-hint, I’m a shoo-in!!

See what I mean?? I would have that job in no time!


If you have a face as adorable as this one, hey even I gotta admit this guy is too cute 

Benji in leaves

then submit a photo of your dog, or of any  dog that you  know, by

going to the official Benji The Movie Facebook Page Any dog (breed, size, gender, age) can be submitted – this includes personal pets and shelter dogs!

 Hey!! If any of my pals win…remember poor ‘ol Dakota! I’ll have my paw held out for a few bones , oh and free movie tickets, free buttered popcorn and a front row seat when I watch ya on the Silver Screen!!!   I want to be the first to get your “pawtograph!!”

About Walden Media

Walden’s most recent co-production, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, grossed over $300 million worldwide. Upcoming films include Won’t Back Down, Of Men and Mavericks and the family comedy Parental Guidance. Past award-winning films include The Chronicles of Narnia series, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Nim’s Island, Charlotte’s Web and the Sundance Audience Prize Winning documentary, Waiting for ‘Superman.’

Good luck my “furiends”!!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota


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15 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Woof! Woof! I’m out too. Golden Thanks for sharing. Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  2. Sigh!!!

    I’m cute and pretty but I’m a sheltie gal : (


  3. Oh, I remember loving that movie when I was a kid!

  4. what do you mean…not cats as subs for Benji???!! wow…talk about descrimination…MEOW!!!

    • Hi Savannah! I showed that to Cody and he couldn’t agree with you more!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

      • meowsies to youg guys too…glad to finally put you and Cody together 🙂

  5. Hey Dakota,

    I often think you’d make a great Lassie 🙂

    That Benji guy sure is cute, that face!! A new movie would be awesome 🙂

    Have a fun weekend,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  6. Oh I used to love Benji!! Like you though, I think Freddie is out! LOL!

    • I think Freddie should have his OWN movie!! He is cute enough and is a character enough to do so!
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. Oh, sweet Dakota you would for sure be the ideal Lassie. I guess we will miss out on the chance for Benji none of us look anything near like him. Hugs and nose kisses

    • don’t feel bad….I don’t look like Benji either!! BOL!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  8. I have never heard of Benji before…I know Lassie.
    Benji looks so cute. Maybe you can put on a disguise to look like Benji and apply for the job 😉

    • Novroz I love it!! “Put on a disguise” BOL!!!!!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  9. I don’t get it. If it’s a remake, why does the new dog have to look just like the old dog? Why can’t Benji be you? Or actually, I’d like to see Benji be a pit bull! Now wouldn’t THAT be cool?

    • Rumpy I’m with you!!! I guess in this case we can’t teach an old dog NEW tricks!!! BOL!
      I agree with you though. Why does it always have to be the little “scruffy-looking” guys? (Not that there’s anything WRONG with that…ala “Seinfeld” lol)
      I guess purebreds don’t rate even when there ARE purebred Shelter dogs! Go figure!!

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