From The Makers Of SmartBones!! SmartSticks and SmartChips! A Dakota’s Den Exclusive! And…A GIVE-AWAY!!

Ohhhh my doggy  friends, I could barely keep my tongue in my mouth when I found out about this EXCITING SURPRISE  that I have just for YOU!!

Many of you have read over and over about my undying love for my :

because of that love, I get to be the FIRST, see THAT?! THE FIRST to tell you about two new additions to the PetMatrix family of  rawhide-free chew treats! This news is soooo hot off the press that I haven’t received my samples to test, but trust me, they are on their way!

One day our Vet, “Dr.Smiley”, told Mom that giving  me treats that are made of rawhide can be unhealthy for me.  Mom took that information quite seriously and that  is when Mom and I made the switch to   SmartBones. Doggies, am I ever glad that we did!

Now, due to HIGH customer demand, PetMatrix has added SmartSticks

This is a SmartStick! It looks like complete deliciousness! It’s all wrapped up waiting for us to enjoy it! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into one of these!!!

and SmartChips to their rawhide-free dog chew treat product line!

Don’t these look like tasty little appetizers that you would eat at a PAWTY?? Mom said I could invite my doggy friends and entertain with these they are so attractive and delicious-looking! I am sure they taste great too!

That news just makes me spin with excitement!

Similar to the original line of SmartBones, the new products are made with chicken, vegetables and other healthy ingredients!

Martin Glinsky, Ph.D.

Here is a message from my idol, PetMatrix Chief Science Officer Martin Glinsky, Ph.D.

“We’re excited to offer additional rawhide-free options to our customers who have responded so positively to our product line,” 

“Chew treats are an important part of every healthy dog’s diet since eating kibble alone doesn’t thoroughly exercise a dog’s mouth and can cause teeth to become disused and plaque-ridden.”

And, since keeping pets healthy is paramount, SmartSticks and SmartChips contain a special vegetable layer that is fortified with vitamins and minerals to help supplement daily nutritional requirements.  In fact, these treats offer more nutritional benefits than standard chew treats because rawhide treats offer very little nutritional value, Dr. Glinsky said. 

 “Even though rawhide is a form of protein, all proteins aren’t equal,” Dr. Glinsky said.  “Rawhide is an extremely low-quality form of protein, not the type that animals need for nutrition.”

 In addition to health benefits, SmartSticks and SmartChips are easier on a dog’s digestive system compared to rawhide treats.  Both products are 99.2 percent digestible, which reduces the potential for intestinal blockages – a problem that can occur when dogs swallow large pieces of rawhide treats.

Thank you Dr. Glinsky, I’ll take it from here!!

Doggy pals I am so excited I can barely contain myself!  I KNOW that you have to be excited too!  Both SmartSticks and SmartChips are available in Chicken flavor,  and, be still my heart, PEANUT BUTTER FLAVOR!  They are available at fine pet stores throughout the country and at  (Mom is super familiar with that website cause when my “stash” runs low she is online in a flash!! ) I cannot be without my SmartBones and I can’t wait to try SmartSticks and SmartChips!!

Guess what doggy pals? YOU can enter for a chance to try them out too!!




Leave a comment WITH A WAY TO CONTACT YOU SHOULD YOU BE THE WINNER,     if Mom doesn’t have a way to contact you, guess what? You are ______out of luck!! BOL!!


FOUR LUCKY WINNERS will EACH win one bag of SmartSticks and one bag of SmartChips.




Now go ahead and be SMART doggies and enter!!!


Good luck!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota


Oh and I was not compensated in green papers for this post. Rest assured I WILL be compensated in SmartSticks and SmartChips so that I may try them out. Maybe, just maybe, if I am lucky, they will throw in a bag of SmartBones too!!! BOL!!!


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  1. Oh, they look so yummy!

    Good luck to everyone!

  2. Yowza, these look really good, thanks Dakota!

  3. i’m not a doggie, buf those look really really good.

  4. Thanks for the great info on Smarttreats and the reminder that raw hides can be bad for us.

  5. Frankie would love to try these too! He will be keeping his paws crossed that he is one of the 4 winners chosen! tom_n_60046atyahoodotcom

  6. Those look really good. We would love to try them. Thanks.

  7. Hi. Cody loves smart bones, but he hasn’t tried these yet. He would love to win…
    You can send them to his mommy Ann Marie

  8. Our little ling-haired chihuahua, Doggie, would love these. She & I hope to win a sample!

  9.…….my 2 dogs would love to try these new treats… thank you

  10. always looking for a better chew for my dogs.

  11. Hinckley is hoping to win these treats!


  12. My dogs would love to try them….contact me at for my name and address…..thank you….

  13. My dog would love these!!!

  14. I have a shepard named Rilley who would love to try these also!!

  15. i think my 2 dogs would love to try these 🙂

  16. Gunner is drooling already in hopes to win! Woof, Woof…Please pick me he says!

  17. My little Devil would love these! Jam7189@
    Thanks for making something different! Jodie ( Devil’s human)

  18. These look great! With three small dogs in our family, I am always looking for the BEST products. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  19. My little Devil would love these. Thanks for making something different!

  20. Something new and healthy for our 2 four legged children? Standard cookie or now “CHIP”, hmmm we’d like to try them and let them decide.

  21. Rusty would love to try these, since he’s on a diet and he doesn’t get a lot of other snacks in between anymore. This would make him very happy!

  22. Kirra would love to try these out! She deserve a yummy snack after a long day of keeping the yard safe for us. Please send to Danielle at Good luck to everyone

  23. My Dogs would LOVE to try these ♥ Paws crossed…

  24. I am always looking for new treats for my two dogs. I would love to try these for them.

  25. Me & Willy love Smart Bones!!

  26. My doggies love treats and these look so yummy! Can’t wait to try them!

  27. Huey and Chica would love to try this!!!

  28. My mommy needs to buy these for me. I love chewing and have been wanting to try these out. – Zowie

    You can contact my mommy at:

    jennylovesjeff (at) hotmail (dot) com

  29. My dogs woul love these bones!!!

  30. Both my girls would love to try these yummy looking bones. Ruff, Ruff

  31. my dog xander would just love some peanut butter flavor ones. he has been a really good boy.

  32. Oh my 105 lb greyhound loves “chewies”. He would absolutely LOVE these. 1262deb at gmail dot com

  33. my name is xander and i am a chocolate lab, these look so yummy, i cant wait to try them. i have been a really good boy, just ask my mommy

  34. These look awesome!! my dogs would love to try them

  35. Im almost postive this would be a great treat for my big boy Neiko he just loves treats and loves sitting and waitng for the kids to give him one, we would love to try your brand and Im sure he will be one happy tail wagging pooch, Take care

  36. Hi, Koko and Sandy loves smart bones!! they would love to win this prize. You can send them to me since he can’t check his email with their paws!! haha thanks you!!! woof wooof woof

  37. My Cookie (Pom-Pom) would love to win this! The giveaway is a sweet!

  38. This is great news!

    If my doggie wins, contact me at:
    kathleennoland (at)


  39. Casey would love these!

  40. I think those look great and that my dogs would love them. I never really give rawhide bone to my dogs because I never really thought that they would be good for them, so I am excited to have them try these. I think that they will love them.

  41. Kali is a big time rawhide chewer. I found out about these and havent had a chance to try them out. Getting a free sample would sure help motivate me if she loves them.

  42. Memphis loves his Smart Bones since he has never gotten rawhide, he is a big boy chocolate lab 92 lbs and would love love love these!

  43. My big guy Rusty would love one of these. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  44. My two shelties Beau
    and Bella are waiting patiently to try these bones

  45. My 4 fur babies are saying, “yummy in my tummy”. This would be awesome, thank you!

  46. Thanks for the opportunity! Dogs would love ’em! @lennyg10

    • Wow Lenny! Mom and I looked at this super quick and we thought you were DADDY!! BOL!! We were gonna tell you that you can’t enter!! BOL!! My Daddy is “Lenny G.” BOL!! But my Daddy is “Lenny Gittleman” too funny! Good luck! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  47. I have 2 Goldens that are always wanting to chew on something, and if it is good for them, then it is a win win for all. Would love to win and try something new for the girls.

  48. Oh cool! I’m a 5 month old puppy and my mom is always looking for safe and tasty chew sticks to keep me happy and busy!

  49. My Daschund Roscoe and Collie Dusty love smart bones, Dusty eats the whole thing and Roscoe pulls them apart to get to the good flavor on the inside, then he eats the outside. No saving the best for last for this pup. is where we can be found. Thanks for the chance

  50. My pups would LOVE these!

  51. Gizmo would love to win a bag!

  52. Chicken Flavored… ?? One question … made in China??

    • Hi Melissa…Mom accidentally replied to someone incorrectly but she will correct that. Yes chicken flavored, yes, made in China. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

      • Take my doggies off the list then they don’t eat treats made in China.

  53. they do like these type of chew bones so hope to try.

  54. Sarge and Stormy love their smart bones also. they havent had the chance to try these new ones yet but they asked me to get them some.

    • Hi Kathy!! Sarge and Stormy haven’t been able to try them yet cause they are BRAND NEW!!! I haven’t even tried them yet but will be, very soon!!! These are BRAND SPANKING NEW and I am the FIRST blogging doggy to feature them!! It’s a “Dakota Exclusive!!” Good luck! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  55. Rocco will love this. He’s such a good boy and he loves treats. I know he would love to try these.

    • i know my doggies will love this!


  57. Boots loves his chewies! He loves things that crunch and anything you can throw for him to catch. He takes his bones on a walk through the house & then throws them around a few times before settling down to chew in earnest.

  58. I like Smartbones stuff for our dog, Sofi, a Bichon Frise …
    contact me:
    bob h

  59. There are 4 of us and we’d all LOVE to try these! Thanks Dakota…we LOVE u!!

  60. My granddog would surely love these!!

  61. Koda just became a new big brother to babu Bradyn. He would love a special treat for being such a GREAT big brother!!! (

    • Congratulations Koda on being a new big brother! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  62. Hey Dakota,

    I’m not a drooler Doggie, but you made me wanna drool with those pics buddy!! They look YUMMY!! Thanks for sharing this!! Woohoo!! 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  63. I would love to try these for our doggie, Mai.

  64. Olliegator is officially entering this contest! His contact information is! He wuvs bones! 🙂

    • HI Barb!! Glad to see that Olliegator is pawticipating!!! Good luck!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  65. Rocko would love to try these.

  66. Marlow is very particular about his treats. I’m sure he’d love to try these and share them with his best friend next door to us..

  67. Those sound wonderfully delish for my dear doggie!! Thanks for this opportunity! May the besr doggie win!

  68. I just got my case of peanut and chicken Smart Bones delivered and not to soon may I add. Mommy bought them for me and my two sisters cause she knows that rawhides are not good for us and are potentially harmful. We absolutely loved Smart Bones. As a matter of fact, this is our second case of bones Mommy bought us. We are really looking forward to trying the new Smart Sticks and Smart Chips! Thanks for helping keep us healthy!
    Nestle (3 yr. old choco lab), Raven (7 yr. old black lab mix), and Sabre (14 yr. old Shindu)

  69. I would love these for my two dogs, my foster dog, and my good dogs at the rescue when we are done with their adoption photos 🙂

  70. Smartbones sound awesome! Too bad there just in the U.S. 😦 Great giveaway though! 🙂

  71. Those look so good. We are peanut butter addicts in this house.

  72. They look quite appetizing. *woof*

  73. You are such nice doggie, dakota…I wish I am a dog and enter this giveaway too. The bone looks tasty by the way 😉

  74. My dog would love these!

  75. I love chew treats but haven’t had any since I lost several feet of my intestine a few years back. Mom (the human one) wont let my brothers or sister have them either, cause I’ll scarf em!! She takes great care of all of us, makes special food if we are sick and bandages our boo boos. She says these may work great for me then we can all have our chew treats again…that would be wonderful!! Thank you, drooling with anticipation, Moosie the mastiff

  76. Rooney would love these, I just cant tell him the are called “SmartBones” he thinks he is very smart already!! LOL LOL

  77. pick me pick me my doogy would love love you for it — give you big doggy kisses

  78. Cleo would love to try these (she can put them in her mouth!). Her sister has the email and usps addresses –

  79. Hi Dakota! If I win you can send a DM to me twitter. @PepperPom
    What country are they made in? I am not allowed to have edibles from China.

    • Hi Pepper! What? I can’t have your email? What’s up w/that??? BOL! If you win I will need your address too….they are made in the USA 🙂
      Good luck! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • Pepper Mom accidentally gave you incorrect info…they are made in China. U.S. patent pending….(that is what Mom just read on my package of SmartBones)…Sorry I originally gave you misinformation! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  80. MImi and Gracie would love to try some new treats! They are jumping for joy just thinking about them!

  81. Hi Dakota! Those look pretty tasty indeed!

    I was just wondering — did you ever post your TidNips review? I can’t find a way to view more than the current post on your blog. Operator error I am sure!

    • Hi Julia, Nope…Mom hasn’t even gotten them yet. She doesn’t always go to the pet store. Everything that she reviews comes straight to the house. With my human sister getting married next month and BlogPaws around the corner and mom’s kidney stone trouble she hasn’t been to the Pet Store.

      Also…with Canidae having been on the recall list…she isn’t sure what she is going to do.

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • Oh and previous reviews are in my “Products I love” area right on the side of the blog….Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  82. My d-bow will love to have these tasty looking smart bones he loves treats that has lot’s of flavor. And I think they will be just wonderful for him to try I know he will enjoy them and I know my kids will enjoy giving them to him and might I add they look so good.

  83. Hi Dekota my name is d-Dow and I would love to Try your smart sticks they look so tasty and I can finally put something in my mouth that can fit .and if I could win some that will be a real treat they look soo tasty.

  84. Cool!! Thanks.

  85. Twinkle says woof woof, they look yummy

  86. Our three rescue pomeranians would love to try these?

  87. ummm I am a cat…so maybe not quite the product for me…but will pass along to my furriends who are dogs…

    • Savannah that is super nice of you!!! You know my brother Cody is a cat too…he will probably share it with his buddies also (hey! You ARE one of his buddies!!) Barks and licks and love, Dakota

      • how cool is that!! woo woos and MEOWs right back atcha…

  88. Daijiah loves the smart bones and would love to try these! Contact mom. I really, really want to try these!

  89. Whoo Hoo! Those is my kind of Bones! BTW Bob thinks the Lake is called after the Lassie Dog from the TV show and Mommy and Daddy has never told her different. Bob thinks it is the bestest lake for dogs!
    So maybe it is named after the dog that looks like yous….

  90. Thanks for making me drool! Steel misty at weitzelandsonsexcavating dot com

  91. Those do look droolicious! Yum! Molimo
    nancy at

  92. Dakota, You are very pretty, but those SmartBones look pretty yummy! Thanks for sharing, Bugs & MoJo
    Rick @ weitzelandsonsexcavating dot com

    • Hi Rick! Ok I can’t reply to everyone individually cause there are so many comments (BTW GOOD LUCK ALL) but…I gotta tell ya “Pretty?????” I’m a BOY!!!! Make that “EXTREMELY HANDSOME”….BOL!!

      Barks and licks and “manly love”, Dakota

  93. My dog would love this 🙂
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!
    mtmomo09 at gmail dot com

  94. My little Peanut loves his Smart Bones so Im sure he would love anything made by the same company. You can contact me Thanks for the chance to enter the contest:)

  95. You can contact me at if my doggies win. I bet you’ll love them, they look yummy! Hopefully, if we win, Midget doesn’t go burying all of hers like she did with some of the SmartBones.. lol

  96. You can contact me at eastcoastgirl09 (at) hotmail (dot) com if I win! My mother’s dogs would love these!

  97. You can contact me at if I win! My puppies would love these!

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