Kreativ Blogger Award

I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself! I am spinning and barking to beat the band! Why? Because a couple of weeks ago I received my FIRST blogging award!!!

I couldn’t believe it!

My brother Cody has received many blogging awards and always brags about that fact to me, but up til this award I have won NOTHING! NADA, ZIP, GOOSE EGG!! That is probably partly due to my Mom and Cody always monopolizing the computer with their feline follies but that’s a story for another day. All that matters is that I received my FIRST blogging award!

I am honored to have received it from a blog that I follow that is simply superb. That blog is called Roxy The Traveling Dog (click on the name to check out her blog if you haven’t already!) Mom and I think highly of Roxy and her Mom so that makes this an extra special honor!!

When you receive this award the first requirement is to name who gave you the award (check!) Then you list 10 things that you may not know about me (or Mom or both!)

1) I sort of gave it away but for those of you woofies who may have Mommies who like cats, Mom and my brother Cody have a blog called Cat Chat (you can click on the name to check it out!)

2) My Mom and my Dad were show dogs!! That partly explains why I am so handsome!! It would also be due to the fact that Shelties are just downright handsome or beautiful to begin with!

3)  My Mommy’s name was Tula, here is a photo of her that my first Mommy Sheila Ellis took of some other brothers and sisters of mine that were born way after me!

4) Whenever my Mom and Dad come home from ANYWHERE (even if they have been gone for 30 seconds) I run and pick up my favorite toy (my red, white and blue Dollar Store toy, go figure!) and I run around the room with it in my mouth while Mom sings “Hooray for the red, white and blue.” No one understands why I do this. I won’t tell Mom and Dad but I don’t understand it either!

5) I kiss my kitty brother Cody ALL the time! I love him so much

6) I live in Michigan

7)  I am an obedience school drop-out. Just call me a “Sweathog.”  (For those of you that might be too young to know that term, it came from the TV show from the 70s, “Welcome Back Kotter”)

8) I don’t like sleeping in a dog bed. Yep, that’s right! Mom has bought me at least FOUR beds and I want nothing to do with ANY of them! Cody ends up taking them ALL. Mom wishes she could find a bed for me that I would actually LIKE. She doesn’t know that I LOVE sleeping on the carpet either under the coffee table, dining room table or on the floor by the baby gate in the hallway.

9) I am a very loud dog at home but I am a perfect gentleman at the vet! I truly am! Everyone there talks about how “calm” I am. I have ’em fooled don’t I?

10) I have only had my blog since April. Mom and Cody have had theirs for slightly over two years. That makes me extra grateful for this award because Cody has THOUSANDS of readers and me? I have around 200 if I am lucky!! No matter what, I love each and every one of my readers and I am super grateful for all of you.

Another requirement when you receive this award is to pass it on to 6 other blogs. Well, Mom, Cody and I have a “thing” about that.  We follow over 300 blogs (yep we sure do!!!) and we can’t narrow it down to choosing just six. Plus, some people like receiving awards and some don’t cause they just don’t have the time to blog about it which is a requirement of getting an award.

So, if you read this and you haven’t had this award yet you definitely DESERVE IT and should grab it and make it your own!!!! Blogs take a lot of time writing, posting, editing, and tons of other stuff and anyone involved in blogging knows this to be true!  If you are a blogger I want you to have this and tell your friends that Dakota gave it to you with LOTS of BARKS, LICKS and LOVE!!!!


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  1. Congratulations, Dakota!!!

    Thanks for sharing your little secrets with us. I don’t like sleeping in a dog bed either, sometimes, I will sleep in my crate. I feel safe there especially when it rains and thunders.

    I’m a loud dog too and I’m a sweet little princess when I’m at the vet.


    • Hi Eva!!

      Thank you!! YOU should have it too!! xoxoxo

      Mom and I are reading this and are wondering if it is only Shelties that don’t like dog beds???

      And…we are sooooooo loud at home and then when we go to the vet we are perfect?????? Go figure!!!! BOL!!

      I think it is a “Sheltie thang!!”

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. Congratulation for the award Dakota 🙂 you deserve it.

    It’s fun to read about you….and you are indeed very handsome. I am sure everyone forgives your loudness because you are so cute 🙂

    • Hi Novroz!
      You deserve the award too so you should grab it for yourself!

      It is fun to read about you too and thank you!!!

      Sometimes they forgive my loudness! BOL!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. Congratulations with your most wonderful award, Beautiful Dakota!! Yay for these fabulous ten things about you – me and Charlie especially love the pic of your mum and pups she had after you – so CUTE!

    Awww yay for kissing Cody too! That’s so sweet!

    Take care

    • Hi Old Kitty! Isn’t my Mommy pretty!! I look just like her!!! I am sending kisses to YOU and Charlie!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. Congratulations pals. It’s another milestone in your life.,

    • Hi Mario and thank you!! Thank you for visiting me too!

      Barks and licks and love,


  5. Congratulations! I love reading about other sheltie’s habits and quirks….so much in common!

    • Sara my Mom said you ALWAYS make her feel soooooooo much better when you (and Priscilla) say things about us that makes her feel like I am less crazy lol.

      My Mommy ADORES me….she just sometimes is baffled by me and frustrated cause she wants me to like to walk like other doggies do! That is the thing that bothers her the most.

      I just like to act like a cat….albeit an EXTREMELY LOUD CAT…..BOL

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  6. We love your blog and think you are deserving of an award!

    • Awww Bailey THANK YOU!!! We love yours too and think you should also grab this award for you and the hard work that your Mommy does!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. Concatulations Dakota! If anybody deserves a award, yous does! And it was cool reading those things about yous! T tell yous the truth, my hairy slobbery sister Bob won’t sleep in a dog bed either. Since she gots older though she does like to sleep on the old comforters from the big bed. So there is a pile that her and Cinnamon sleeps on in the bedroom.

    • Nellie Hi! Now THERE’S an idea!! Comforters on the floor! Wonder if Dakota would like that (this is “Mom” replying)…we have a GIANT doggie bed that is actually a giant pillow made for dogs on the floor but Dakota wants nothing to do with it. We keep it because Cody uses it lol.

      I may have to try the comforter thing!

  8. Congratulations on your award! Ellie doesn’t like dog beds either.
    She won’t even sample the new beds I bring home. Audrey, however will squish her body into any size bed. I will find her there sometimes, but she’s happy anywhere. Charlie LOVES his beds. He’s claimed them all. But his favorite place is in bed with us. Of course that’s only when his father isn’t watching!

    • Hi Debbie! Wow it must be a Sheltie thing!!! But wait…you said Audrey DOES like beds so that ruined that theory! lol.

      Did you see that you are one of the winners on Cat Chat of a kitty scooper? I need your address!

      I lost it!

      Love, Dakota’s “Mom”

  9. Congradulations Dakota! Me Molly (Beagle Corgi) likes to sleep on the floor or the couch, Roxy (Beagle Jack Rissell) likes to sleep in bed with the humans or on a dog bed I think its whatever us doggies get use to, I am allowed on the bed but only come up for cuddles, I also love my 5 cats, especially my brother Sunshine

    • Hi katie, Molly and roxy!!! Thank you!!!! you have FIVE CATS!!??? Wow! I can barely handle Cody, I can’t imagine having FIVE!!!

      Mom just bought me yet another new bed today. Of course so far I want nothing to do with it.

      When will she learn??????

      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  10. Congratulations on your award Dakota! You certainly deserve it!!
    Hope you and your mom have a very Happy New Year!

    • Hi Jen and Gang!!!

      Thank you!!!!!!! You should grab it too because you DEFINITELY DESERVE IT! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  11. Wooo! Wooo! Well deserved.
    I love the falling snow, by the way… xo Wendy & Andy & LaRoo

    • Hi Wendy and THANK YOU!!!!!!!

      I love the snow too, it is so relaxing! Better that it falls on the computer rather than outside lol.

      (((((hugs))))))) for the New Year!

  12. Dakota- that is AMAZING! Congratulations. You deserve it. Have a fantastic New Year!!

    • thank you elizabeth!!! it’s “amazing” cause I don’t deserve it!!! BOL!!!!


      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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