Winner Of “Menagerie” By Sharon Montrose, Illustrations And Lettering By Julianna Swaney

I love how things in life work. Sometimes coincidences are just delightful!

Today is the perfect example of that.

Author/Illustrator Wendy Wahman

Last summer I had the pleasure of reviewing two delightful  children’s books by  author/illustrator, Wendy Wahman.

The first book of Wendy’s that I had reviewed was “Don’t Lick The Dog” , you can read the review here

The second book of Wendy’s that I had reviewed was actually reviewed on my other blog, Cat Chat.  The title of the book is “A Cat Like That” and you can read that review here

You can also visit Wendy’s website here

As you have probably already figured out…

WENDY WAHMAN  is the winner of “Menagerie” (as chosen by


Please email me your complete mailing address to cgittleman @ mi dot rr dot com


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  1. Life is always full of surprises and this one is a lovely surprise!!!

    Congratulations to Wendy!

    • thank you Priscilla!! We sooo agree! Wendy is a complete doll, like YOU!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. Woohoo!!

    Well done Wendy – love the illustrations on your books!

    Have a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  3. I NEVER WIN (Oop – sorry for shouting) anything~!!! Oh, wow, thank you so much. You totally made my day. I’m thrilled. And thank you for reposting my books. You have the heart of of a dog, and the grace of a cat, Caren.
    Priscilla, thank you so much
    Snoopy, pal, woo -woo, thank you too

    • Wendy you are sooo funny! You can shout as loud as you would like to and I will bark right along with ya!

      You are MOST WELCOME! I told you Mom was thrilled when your name was picked by!

      OMG Mom saw that quote and she just LOVES IT!!!!!! “the heart of a dog, and the grace of a cat” I may have to get Mom a T-shirt that says that! BOL!!

      Mom says you are MORE THAN WELCOME and she wouldn’t think of NOT reposting your books!!!

      We LOVE YOU!

  4. wow heart of dog grace of cat….i like it. congratulations to all

    • me too!!! Only Wendy won but I am sure the others thank you as well!

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