I Love My SmartBones!

Hi Everyone!

I have to tell you my Mom has been REALLY behind the Eight Ball lately! Geeze!

She owes the nice man who represents SmartBones (which I ADORE) a HUGE apology!

You see a few months ago Mom featured SmartBones on my blog and a few weeks ago the nice SmartBone man sent me an early holiday present! He sent me a box of SmartBones of my very own!!!

I was beside myself with excitement!

Well Mom was going to shoot a new video of me enjoying my SmartBones because she wanted other doggies to put these on their Christmas and Chanukah lists because they make GREAT stocking and Menorah stuffers! (well you can’t actually stuff these in a Menorah but you get the idea!) You could get one smart bone every night of Chanukah!

Anyway Mom wasn’t able to shoot a new video of me for a variety of reasons:

1) She is a huge procrastinator

2) She never has the video camera available when I am doing something REALLY cute (well that is every minute of the day and who can carry around a video camera every minute of the day?)

3) My brother Cody and I keep taking turns being sick. First it was me and my eye trouble (which Mom STILL hasn’t written or posted Part II) Then Cody has to go and get sick a few days ago and we still aren’t sure if he is ok.

4) FOOTBALL. That isn’t an acceptable excuse since Mom isn’t a first string player (although she looks like she could be BOL!) but it HAS taken her away from the important task of helping me update my blog.

So, because I can’t shoot a video of myself (due to being all paws) and Mom is a lazy slacker (no presents for HER this year!) I have to update the earlier SmartBone  post that I wrote and I am posting it below.

THANK YOU to the nice man at SmartBones who is more thoughtful than my Mom! I love my SmartBones and doggy buddies you need to tell your Moms and Dads about these so you can get some too!

Here is the post! Enjoy!


Did you know that I am a “chewing machine?”

Some of the SmartBones that I received!

Oh yeah! If it’s chewable, (or not) I’m all over it!

I’ve been known to chew wood, cell phones, metal door stops, you name it.  It’s not all my fault, I come from a long line of “chewers!”

Did you know that it is important for dogs to chew?

When doggies lived in the wild, they used to tear through the skin of wild beasts to get at the meat! We doggies that don’t have to hunt for our food don’t get to do that. It isn’t good for our teeth not to be able to chew things! We get a build up of tartar which can lead to periodontal issues and disease.

Some doggies chew out of boredom (like me!) These pet chews are the perfect answer to that problem! YAY! You gooo Mom! Mom also likes that SmartBones offer nutrition and health benefits as well!.

You have no idea how excited I was yesterday when my Mom gave me a brand new product to try!

Mom gave me a SmartBone!

Wow was I ever excited!

What is a SmartBone you ask? Well, sit back, relax and I’ll tell ya!

SmartBones by PetMatrix, are chew treats made with chicken, vegetables and other healthy ingredients. These raw-hide free treats are perfect for the four-t0-five out of 10 consumers who prefer not to feed their doggies rawhide.

Who came up with this genius idea?

Martin Glinsky, Ph.D.,  that’s who!  Dr. Glinsky is considered one of the premier pet nutritionists in the country and is currently the Chief Science Officer at PetMatrix, creators of SmartBones and DreamBone chews.  He received his undergraduate education at Cornell University and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Illinois, specializing in Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Biochemistry.

He has lectured extensively around the world on pet nutrition and dietary formulation and started his own pet food manufacturing company in 1980, specializing in holistic and organic pet foods. His expertise in formulating, manufacturing, analyzing and testing of nutritional products for pets is well known and respected.

Dr. Glinsky formulated, engineered and produced the first dry pet foods to incorporate fresh ingredients, the standard of the holistic pet food category today. He has been intimately involved with many of the best-selling holistic foods brands being marketed around the world.

Wanna know more?

SmartBones are 99.2% digestible, which is higher than the digestibility of premium dog foods (85% digestibility).

Chicken, vegetables and other healthy ingredients dogs will love are used in making SmartBones.

   SmartBones are the first treats of their kind to be enhanced with vitamins and minerals.

SmartBones are safer for dogs than regular rawhide treats, which may cause intestinal blockages.

SmartBones are environmentally friendly, whereas a toxic chemical process is needed to create consumable rawhide for treats.

  SmartBones are available in Peanut Butter and Chicken Flavors.  There is also a Dental variety with additional teeth health benefits.

Four different sizes of SmartBones are available, based on a dog’s weight:

Small Dog (5-10 lbs) Mini SmartBones
Small – Medium Dogs (11-25 lbs) Small SmartBones
Medium Dogs (26-50 lbs) Medium SmartBones
Large Dogs (over 50 lbs) Large SmartBones

Here is a video of me lovin’ on my SmartBone!

I have to get my Mom to order me more SmartBones, I didn’t even bother my Dad during football when I had this!

SmartBones are available nationwide and at www.SmartBones.com.


Mom and I received no compensation for this blog post other than SmartBones for me!!

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12 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Dang oomans. They never have their priorities straight. Now that Smart Bone sounds good, I wonder if they make smart mice for kitties. he he

    • Mario…I have to say that I think this comment gets the AWARD for one of the BEST comments I have EVER read on either of my blogs!!! LMAO! (this is MOM!)

      You wonder “if they make “smart mice” for kitties” OMG how I LOVE YOU!!

      Thank you for making my day!

  2. Those look really good. I’m not a big fan of rawhide, so these look like something I’d try. Are they durable? Torrey chews through everything so fast.

    • Mary they are SUPER GOOD! These aren’t super long lasting but some of them are good for about a half hour (depending on how much of a chewer Torrey is)

      Dakota is a HUGE chewer.

      I am not hugely thrilled with rawhide either…I have to say the peanut butter flavored SmartBones smell DELICIOUS….Dakota goes INSANE for them!!

      I would check them out, they are fabulous!

  3. Sounds tasty.

    • they are lip smacking gooooooooooooooooood!!!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. Um, yummy…
    mes not a fan of doggy chewys, but they litters our house! Me do like the chiken jerky though and me has been know to steal them and put them in my hiding spots. Mommy will has to gets some and try them out.

    • Nellie!! You wouldn’t want to eat doggy chewies silly girl!

      You steal chicken jerky? do you think that you are a woofie!!!????

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. Ow Dakota, please understand that your mom is very busy. I hope you and Cody will get well soon, and you two can ease your mom a little.

    That smart bone looks like a healthy toy. Dogs are lucky to have so many toys. I will watch your video as soon as I get home, my mobilephone can’t play youtube. I bet you are so cute, as always, in your video

    • Hi Novroz…yeah Mom is super worried right now. Cody didn’t eat breakfast AGAIN. She gave him the appetite stimulant almost 2 hrs ago and he still isn’t eating but he DID drink water so she is happy about that.

      I am at the vet being groomed but they let me use the computer here BOL.

      Don’t worry about the video, you may have seen it before, I posted it before!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  6. I think I’m going to go look for them soon. Not really a huge fan of rawhides, so this may be a good alternative. Thank you!

    • Liz we think you will like them!! Dakota adores them!!!!

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