My New Toy!!

Mom sure made up for not allowing me to blog by presenting me with this wonderful toy made by

Nina Ottosson!

Mom has a friend named Baby Patches and Baby Patches has a wonderful web site called Nip And Bones, LLC.

Mom visited one day and found me the fantastic toy,

Dog Finder, by Nina Ottosson.

Here is how the toy is described on Baby Patches’ website:

“The idea behind the Dog Finder is the dog or cat is to look for treats by moving blocks in four different directions. The block can only be lifted at the end of each track. Under each block there is a depression where treats can be hidden… ”

  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Suits dogs and cats of all ages and sizes
  • A tricky and activating game for you and your dog or cat
  • Plastic, easy to clean
The Dog Finder also comes with a handy booklet “Fun Challenging Games & Puzzles” that you can play when using this toy. It also includes a Training Guide and a CD. Like the doggie on the cover says “not that I need it!”
Mom said she was surprised at just how fast I learned how to use this puzzle.
Why should she be surprised? I am a SHELTIE after all!
We are listed as number 6 in intelligence out of 100 doggies! I’m no slouch!
Mom timed me when I first used this puzzle and she said it took me less than 60 seconds to figure it out!
Mom didn’t even have to explain it to me. I saw where she put the  mouth watering  treats that Baby Patches’ Mommy sent to me as a surprise ,and it was off to the races!
Click on the photo to see all of the delicious treats!
Check out the delicious dog treats here
Mom said her favorite part of watching me play with the Dog Finder was when I would pick up the hidey bones that the treats go under,  carefully  bringing them over to my coffee table fort and depositing  them underneath.
The first time I played with the Dog Finder, I put at least half of those hidey bone covers in my fort! It made me feel secure to keep them there, safe from the meddling paws of my kitty brother, Cody.
Check out how smart I am, you can even hear my heavy breathing, I was so excited!
Be sure to watch til the end!
This is my favorite toy now and Mom said she wishes she had pawchased it long ago.  She was just too cheap at the time and didn’t.
She said that she loves it so much and loves the quality that she is going to buy me MORE Nina Ottosson toys  from Nip and Bones! YAY!! There are many wonderful toys made by  Nina Ottosson on the Nip and Bones website.
Mom said it is going to be super hard to decide which one to pawchase next.
 I think she should leave that decision up to me!
I can easily go without blogging if it means I am going to get great toys like this!
The problem is, guess who else likes it?
Mom THOUGHT she had put it out-of-the-way when she laid the box on top of the dining room table.
As you can see, she thought WRONG

Look closely in the box and you will see what I mean

When I am done playing Mom has to hide the Dog Finder in the closet with the door shut.
I don’t want any kitty germs on it!
Barks and licks and love, Dakota
Mom and I weren’t compensated in any way for this review. Mom pawchased the above toy on her own. Baby Patches’ Mom only gave us the treats as a special surprise and we say THANK YOU!!!!

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  1. Such a clever pup…and gorgeous too!

    • Ruby thank you! I am pretty “clever” hehehe!

      Awww thank you, my Mom thinks I am pretty handsome too!
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. My mom person got me a toy like that & I was more interested in playing with the plastic piece that came out then the treat! Ours came from Kyjen.

    Nubbin wiggles,

    • Hi Oskar!
      You are the second doggie to mention Kyjen. My mom said maybe she will look into that.
      I am a pretty focused doggie when I want to be. I liked the plastic piece too but I loved playing with my puzzle.
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. LOL. That was the cutest thing ever. You were very methodical and calm about the whole process, and I LOVED when you carried the bones under the table. Oreo makes such a mess when he plays with his puzzle toys, he attacks it like a wild tiger.

    Oreo’s favorite is Nina’s “brick”, but he also like the “tornado”.

    • Hi Sara!
      OHHHH we THANK YOU!! My Mommy LOVES your videos sooo much! Ours is so boring compared to yours! Mom has to learn to help me add music!
      Yep I was really calm when I was playing with that toy. (I am not always that calm) but you have Shelties so you completely understand! 🙂
      My Mommy loved when I carried the bones under the table too BOL!! She was so surprised when I did it the first time. The first time I brought nearly every bone under the table!
      I sure wish I could meet Oreo and Chewy one day, I want to run around and play with them!
      I am going to tell my Mom about Nina’s “brick” and “tornado”
      Thank you for telling me!
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. Dakota, we have a similar toy made by Kygen. Charlie figured out what to do almost immediately. Audrey kept using her paw and got too impatient when hitting it didn’t move the covering. Ellie was too busy pacing around the room to even stop and try! You are one smart dog! I’m going to look up Nina Ottosson toys. This one looks like so much fun!

    Your friend,

    • Hi Auntie Debbie! I am surprised my Sheltie girlfriends didn’t want to figure it out! I am glad that Charlie was able to figure out his toy that was similar. You don’t have to look far for the Nina Ottosson toys, the photos above are all linked to my Mom’s friend’s website!
      Go to
      She has tons there!
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. Awwww me and Charlie loved watching you work very hard to solve your amazing puzzle and get to those yummy treats!! Yay!! Well don you!!!! You are smart as well as gorgeous! Take care

    • @Old Kitty and Charlie, thank you! I worked super hard didn’t I? BOL!

      Thank you! I try to be smart! Charlie is smart too!
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  6. We have the one with the bones and the sliding doors. Mama is talking Dad into getting a second one for Christmas, but she hasn’t decided on one yet. This one looks hard. We have no trouble with the sliding doors, but we are just mastering the bones on our game.

    We are glad you are back and blogging.

    -Katy & Bailey

    • Hi Katy & Bailey! Nooo it isn’t hard! You are SHELTIES remember! You are gifted with “smarts!!!”

      You can figure it out! I have faith in you!

      Thank you for the welcome back!
      We’ll see how long this lasts!
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. Hey Dakota,

    You sure are a lucky pup, that toy looks great, I was surprised how big it was when I saw the video! You’re very clever to work out where the treats are, I think I’d like one too!! Gonna have to tell Mum about this…..

    Luckily, I won’t have to worry about any pesky kitty germs if I get one, good luck keeping it to yourself buddy!

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  8. Hi Snoopy!!

    Good to see you back! My mom and I missed you!

    Oh yeah this toy is bigger than you would think! You know what Snoopy? You are so smart I bet you could figure this toy out in a second!

    Tell Mom if she clicks on some bolded words and the photos it will take her to the Nip & Bones website and she can order one there!

    Yeah you sure are lucky about those kitty germs!

    Barks and licks love from your pal, Dakota

  9. Dakota!! I just luvs your video and how you carries dem bones under the table. MOL hehe

    Thanks you for a great post, I had momma post it on our FB page too. You is so furry smart to gets your treats from under the bones. Momma is aware of the Kyjen toys mentioned but has been furry slow to add them to the shop. She will be doing so furry soon. Maybe you can try one out.

    Meoowwwoof & Nosetaps

    • Hi Baby Patches! I am so happy that you liked my review! I am going to see if my Mom can take me for a walk over to your Facebook page! Yes I am “furry smart” aren’t I? lol. Momma is very happy with the Nina Ottosson toys and she wants to get more of them. I am sure Momma will like the Kyjen toys too but Nina Ottosson’s have always been widely recommended to her. I would love to try out the Kyjen toys too though! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  10. […] Yesterday my good furriend Dakota over at his blog Dakota’s Den posted about his new toy from us, the Dog Finder! Click Here to see his post on the Dog Finder […]

    • I will have to come over and read your post! Thanks for the shout out! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  11. Wow…that is a great toy…very educative. I wish they make such toys for my turtles…Tho turtles aren’t as smart as dogs.

    Btw, if you are 6th in smartness, what is the smartest dog in the dog world?ducative. I wish they make such toys for my turtles…Tho turtles aren’t as smart as dogs.

    Btw, if you are 6th in smartness, what is the smartest dog in the dog world?

    • BOL! A turtle couldn’t play with that toy!!! BOL!!

      My Mom and I forget who is the smartest, Mom is too lazy to look that up for me BOL and since it isn’t Shelties, we don’t care!



      • Hahaha that’s a good answer dakota 😉

  12. Love you!!!! xoxoxo

  13. I had no idea dakota had a blog I just knew of the cat blog! yeah im so excited I can follow you on both now 🙂

    • Hi Hound Girl! Yep I do! I don’t get to update it as much as Cody and Mom do theirs and mine is a much younger blog, (only a few months old) but I do have one!!! I hope you have a great day and thanks for visiting! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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