I’ve Been Waiting A Loooong Time!

Do you know my Mom hasn’t allowed me to blog since JULY 4th??!!

This is a travesty!

I have waited  so patiently

isn’t my face cute enough to call for

frequent updates?

Here is what happened.

Mom’s laptop died.

It happened a few weeks ago.

The battery became so hot her laptop nearly burned up.

Mom was super angry because her laptop was just purchased last October. In “computer time” it’s already obsolete.

She took it to Best Buy and had to have it shipped back to HP.

Best Buy made her  purchase  a temporary laptop until hers came back from being repaired.

Mom was lost on the new laptop.

Not lost enough that she and Cody couldn’t work on THEIR blog! No Sirree!! Nothing stops her from working on THEIR blog.

I’m the one that gets the short end of the bone.

I’m the sable furred step child.

The good news is that Mom got her laptop back today.

Too bad if she had read her HP manual she would have had it fixed the same week that it broke. Reading the manual is too easy. Mom likes to do things the hard way.

She would rather pay Best Buy $100 to have her data moved from her computer to the temporary one and wait over two weeks for her laptop to return.

Mom likes the Geek Squad because she can relate, she’s a Geek.

What? Does she think that money grows on trees? Doesn’t she know that trees are for PEEING ON???

What was the first thing she did when she got her laptop back?

She worked on hers and Cody’s blog.

Mom, it’s time to let me BLOG or get off the pot!

Barks and licks and aggravation, Dakota

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  1. I see your point, Dakota, but keep in mind that dealing with computer problems is never easy and can make a mom forget to give all her furbabies equal time on the computer. Now that your mom has her laptop back, I bet you’ll get as much time as you want! Don’t forget to remind Cody that “Dogs rule!”

    • Yeah that’s true Auntie Deb. Don’t bet on Mom giving me as much time as I deserve though. But you DO have a point! YEAH “Dogs rule!!” Except in my house!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. This is why I always keep a spare computer around the house! If I can’t get on line I have a meltdown.

    Glad your mom is back up and running.

    • Sara hi! We have another but it doesn’t work BOL! Mom got online (you should have seen the meltdown she had in Best Buy 2 weeks ago when they told her she would be without a laptop for two weeks!!) That is why they let her purchase one that they knew she would be returning. She purchased a floor model that was AWFUL…blue screen heaven!!!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. (*Mario’s mom here: I’m sorry Dakota, but I’m lajghing so hard I can’t hardly type for Mario. You are so funny this morning.) Mario here – Aww Dakota, you poor thing. Dang oiomans. We can sure see that you rank low priority. Do what cats do – next time she calls you to “come” – totally ignore her. That will teach her a lesson for sure.

    • BOL Mario! You made ME laugh! Glad to get ya laughing!!! Ohhhhh I ignore Mom already!!! BOL!! I will keep doing it though!

  4. Sorry for the misspelled word this morning. Eyes just don’t want to work!

    • don’t worry about the typos Mario, we do type with our PAWS afterall!!!

  5. too funny Dakota..loved it!

    • Skippy!!!! Hi!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy you liked it! OMG I haven’t talked to you in so long, I am sorry! Did you ever make your book? I wanted to buy one!

  6. Awww poor Dakota, you are having a July like mine…not so great! Glad you are back and I love you and your blog. Wish I could send hubby to the geeks they may do better than his dr has!!! 😀 Love you, Sue and Rosie

    • Hi Sue and Rosie! I am glad you wrote because now my mom saw that we should definitely NOT COMPLAIN cause you are having a real hard way to go. Mom wants to know how your husband is doing?

      I don’t think you want the GEEKS to help him, no way Jose!!
      Send our love to Rosie too!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. awww ur adorable

    • thank you sooo much! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  8. Actually, if your mom were a geek, she’d have read the manual when she got the laptop 😉

    Glad to see you got your paws on the keyboard again!

    • BOL Vicky!! I knew SOMEONE would say that!!!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  9. My laptop is about to die. Mine is also an HP and the battery died a while ago. So, now I need to find a way to get the money for a new one before we head to BlogPaws!

    Doreen from Doggies and Stuff blog

    • Doreen OHHHH NOOOOOOOO!! How old is yours? Is yours still under warranty? I have no clue how much batteries are. Do you have a smart phone? I am thinking of not bringing my laptop to BlogPaws (don’t want to lug it on the plane but I am not sure yet) but I do have a smart phone so I can access the Internet from that. I am going to see if people usually bring their laptops and then decide. Do you know if people usually bring them?

      I feel so bad for you!!! How are you managing to post your blog?

  10. Awwww sweet Dakota!! Me and Charlie hope you get lots of extra treats for being so patient with mum! Yay! take care

    • Old Kitty and Charlie, no, I’m not. I’m on a diet 😦

      Love to you both!

  11. Our mother has been terribly remiss in letting us blog and she can’t even blame it on a computer, hmmmpfff! So we salute you Dakota with our paws in the air for being so loving despite the temporary setbacks!

    Miss Bella and Sele

    • Hi Wendy!

      Believe me I understand! Oh my Mom had BIG computer trouble but trust me, she STILL wouldn’t have let me blog! BOL!

      I say that Bella and Sele and I need to do some big barking to have our say!
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  12. Auuww poor Dakota, I know how it feel to be a step child…I used to be one (not anymore…thank God)

    You know…you have to take control once in a while. Show your mom and Cody that you mean bussiness!! 😉

    I am glad your mom’s computer has already been fixed. See your more frequently in the future, Dakota

  13. Hi Kroten! I am so glad you aren’t a stepchild any longer, I hope that happens to me.

    Guess what? Mom just saw this and she said she is letting me blog either later today or tomorrow!

    PS: I won’t hold my breath

    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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