I Won A Puffer Fish!!

Happy Sunday everybody!

Hope you are having a fun weekend!

I am sooo excited!

Look at what I won!

It’s a Puffer Fish! I won it from Nip And Bones 

the site that has great items

for doggies AND kitties!

I even got a nice note from Baby Patches’ Mommy!

Of course I was playing better

BEFORE the video camera was turned on,

and Mom doesn’t know her Puffer Fish

from Star Fish

(she keeps saying Star Fish in the video, duh!)

but here you go!


Also, I am sure one lucky dog! Mama LOVES Nina Ottosson dog toys. She  had been considering purchasing  a toy from her for some time. Well, guess what? Nip And Bones carries them! Look at what Mama ordered for me today!

It is a treat puzzle for doggies! This is supposed to be super good for Shelties because we are such brainiacs. My Mom said she will make a video of me playing with it when it comes. For now, if you want to read more about it, click on the highlighted words in the above paragraph,  click on the above photo (hopefully the link will work!) or, click here. You can also find Nip and Bones on Facebook! Thank you Nip and Bones! You have made me one HAPPY Sheltie!


Barks and licks and love, Dakota











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  1. Ooo Fun Dakota. Nip and Bones has good stuff. M always buys from there when she wants to get something new for me..

  2. Hi Mario! Yes! They do! This is the first time Mom ordered from there, she is excited for the toy to come for me!

  3. What a cute toy!

    We have several of those doggie puzzles. I have to hide them from Oreo, because he will DEMAND that I fill it with treats. He could play with them all day. You’re going to have so much fun when it arrives.

    • Sara Hi!! This is Dakota’s Mom! I am sooo happy that you have some of these! I know Eva (Priscilla’s Sheltie girl) has something similar too. I saw one at CVS for only $14 but it looked like inferior/cheap plastic and I was too afraid to purchase it. I have had my eye on those Nina Ottosson toys for quite some time and am embarrassed that it has taken me so long to purchase one. I am THRILLED to hear your endorsement because I am in awe of how you train your babies.
      Dakota definitely needs something to challenge him. You know that Shelties are so smart (you know even better than I do!). I don’t challenge his intellect as much as I should.
      I am extremely excited for it to arrive!
      Thanks for your endorsement, it means a lot!
      Love, Dakota’s Mom

  4. Awwww lovely Dakota!! Your puffer fish is beautiful and very organgey! Yay! Me and Charlie love the clip of you enjoying your new toy! We think your mum calling your puffer fish a star fish is hilarious!! 🙂

    Awww but look at the treat puzzle toy she’s got for you!! How exciting! Yay!!

    Have a great Sunday, take care x

    • @Old Kitty, “very orangey” BOL! That is sooo cute! Yeah my Mum is kinda slow BOL…she kept calling it a starfish. She was never very good at oceanography! Yes that treat puzzle is gonna be lots of fun!!!!
      Hope you are having a great day! Say hi to my buddy Charlie for me!

  5. Aw Dakota you are playing so delicately with that new squeeky toy. I bet as soon as momma shut off the camera, you went all toy crazy.

    That educational puzzle looks super cool!

    squeek, squeek 😀

    • @lifewith4cats this is Dakota’s Mommy. I thought Dakota was playing “delicately” with that Puffer Fish too until I watched the video a few times and realized he was trying to CHEW the black hooky string thing off of it! THAT is why he appears to be playing “delicately” lol!!

      Much love, Dakota’s Mom

  6. YEY!!!! You deserve it!!!

    • Sue thank you!!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. What a lucky boy that you’ve got that lovely puffer fish! May be I should ask my mom to check this lovely website and hopefully she will get me some puzzles. It’s so hard to get nice toys and puzzles here, it seems doggies here don’t exercise their brains at all so my mom has always had to order it online from overseas which costs her a bomb.

    I love puzzles as long as I know how to solve them, LOL. Of course I’ll make sure they are filled with treats too.

    Enjoy your fish! Oops! I hope Cody didn’t think it’s HIS fish.
    ~ Eva

    • Hi Eva! Yes I am lucky for sure! Yes! Have your Mom check the website…I think Nip & Bones ships overseas…if not…Nina Ottosson is actually a Swedish company I think and you could also order the games from her directly. But….I am pretty certain that Nip & Bones ships overseas but not 100% certain.

      A trainer suggested nearly 2 yrs ago that we get one of these and my Mommy has been so lazy she didn’t order it tl now! She does make up her own makeshift game by putting treats under teacups lol (cheapskate).

      Actually Cody didn’t show one bit of interest in the puffer fish, he likes my green tennis ball BOL

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  8. Hey Dakota,

    I like the look of that fish! The colour looks great against your beautiful coat too!! You’re a lucky pup!!

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  9. Hi Snoopy! I like that fish too! Yes I must admit the color is quite attractive with my coat BOL!! Thank you!! I AM lucky but so are you!!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  10. Yay! Luvs your video my furriend! Glad you has fun wif your new puffer fish, dat fish is in our new bright colors section. Makes these spring summer months even more fun! Meowwwoof

    • Hi Babypatches! Thank you!! Also THANK YOU, THANK YOU for picking my name to win the Puffer Fish! I love it so much and that bright orangey color is just great! it is so cheerful and easy to find in my dog basket! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  11. Congratulation Dakota 🙂
    That is such a cute toys. We love the color and mommy is wondering does that toy comes in turtle shape too?

    • Hi Kroten! I love my fish! I am not sure if it comes in turtle shape but if you click on the nip and bones picture above it will take you to their website and you can check! 🙂
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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