Meet “Almost Home, A Truly No-Kill Animal Rescue and Haven”, Please Help US, Help Them!

I would like to introduce you to  a rescue here in Michigan,  “Almost Home, A Truly No-Kill Animal Rescue And Haven” whose founders Gail and Lauren Montgomery,  work tirelessly in their quest to find the  dogs and cats  at their rescue a furever home.


Meet Gail Montgomery, co-founder,with her daughter, Lauren, of Almost Home:

This message is directly from  Gail: “After volunteering at a number of animal shelters and rescue groups I became disenchanted and sad about the philosophies of so many such organizations. Even the so-called “no kill “shelters were euthanizing adoptable animals. I was devastated, to say the least.

Being a person who is so very passionate about animals, I decided to make a difference. In 2001 I started Almost Home Animal Rescue League. It consisted of myself and my daughter, Lauren. I wanted to help all animals, whether they were young or old, sick or healthy, maimed or beautiful. I wanted to create a place for them not only to FEEL SAFE  but to BE SAFE.


Please help Andrew

It was really difficult in the beginning. Many people thought I was unrealistic. I have proven them wrong. With my compassion for these helpless creatures who ask for so little and give so much in return, I am able to continue my work with a motivation that, well… kind of drives people a little crazy! I have never been so tenacious and diligent in my whole life. Most of the animals that we rescue are so frightened, confused and sick. It breaks my heart to see them in this condition. There is nothing more rewarding than to help them recover from these traumas. Hugging them, bathing them, loving them and giving them a sense of security is just a start. A big bowl of nutritious food to help make them strong and healthy, and then trips to the veterinarian. Then, ultimately finding them their loving, responsible  “forever home”. Now, what can be more rewarding than that?


“Armando” Read About Him Here

It’s hard to believe we live in a world where innocent animals are put to sleep simply because  society says there is no room for them. I feel there is a way to SAVE EVERY ANIMAL. And this is my mission. I encourage every caring person to do your part to help the animals. If you work at a shelter and you see that bad things are going on, speak out. Or start your own organization to advocate for them. Speak for the animals. Do what you can.


“Farrah” Look at that FACE! Read about her here
One day I hope to walk into an animal shelter and all I will see are a few animals there, waiting for their owners to arrive because they were licensed and properly tagged. One day when I see a pregnant dog or cat I won’t cry, feel sad or be frightened. One day I hope there will be no use for organizations like mine.

But, for now, there’s Almost Home.



Help us save the lives of animals

As always, we are in dire need of monetary donations. We can really use your help. We receive no money from governmental funds in any way. All donations, either monetary or material, are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! The more money we raise through donations, the more lives we can save. It’s as simple as that. Please help our animals find their way with a donation today.

You can help by clicking on the widget on the top right hand side of the original blog post that my Mom and my brother Cody put up on their Cat Chat blog. You can see that post and find that widget  here

Or, please send donations to:

Almost Home, P.O. Box 250602

 West Bloomfield, Michigan 48325

Please make checks payable to Almost Home

 It would mean a lot to my Mom, my brother Cody and me if we could help!

Thank you for your support!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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  1. This sounds lke an excellent organization. I’ll go over there now and help. Can’t do much, but every tiny bit does help.

    • thank you Mario!!! You are right! Every tiny bit helps! If 100 people donate $1 that is $100!!!! Thank you! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. Loved reading about them again!

    • trying to dig up as much help for them as I can! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. what an amazing organization. I wish I can help too but I haue no paypal nor credit card to help the donation.

    there aren’t many animal shelter in my country.

    • you are so sweet Kroten. Please do not worry!!!!! I love you no matter what! There have been times my Mommy has wanted to give and couldn’t…I wish more people that actually live in Michigan would be kind enough to donate!
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. Wonderful people and their wonderful work!

    • Yes Priscilla and Eva they are!! Totally dedicated their lives to this! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. Im happy they rescue both cats and dogs. I did some time volunteering in the county animal shelter. The one I worked at was run by major dog lovers. Run by the dog officer there who actively disliked cats. Thats why I worked in the cat room. The things I saw… well. When it was eithinasia time they would shove 3 adult strange cats into a tiny carrier for the car ride to the vet. I spoke up about it but, no one listened to the ‘volunteer.’

    Thank you to the Almost Home team!! I can’t donate just now, but do they know they can register their company with ebay charity list? Then an ebay seller can pick them as a charity and donate portions of their sales to them automaticaly. There are not as many small time animal helping charities listed as I would wish. Its called Ebay Giving Works. and its free to get put on the list.

  6. @lifewith4cats this is Dakota’s Mom. As a HUGE cat lover (I love dogs as well but I am a HUGE cat lover) i can barely read what you wrote. It is too painful. It breaks my heart. It is extremely upsetting to me. Did you know I have a Cat blog as well?

    • Dear Caren, It’s Puddy’s mom here, Just read @lifewith4cats too. This is broke my heart too !!!! Here, people love dog more than cats but it’s not right at all to treat cats like that. I’m more support cat then dog because I know dogs get more help than cats. They will be fine.
      Some shelter here, they said they do help cats and dogs ( both ). They have FB page, but what they mostly post 99% is the dog , Really rare to see them post cats to help them get a forever home. Even the name of the shelter..Always name Dogs Shelter ! They didn’t treat both animals equal..That’s sad thing !

      • Hi Puddy’s Mom! I just couldn’t handle reading about it. When she said 3 cats were stuffed in a crate for the ride to the vet all I could think about was when my Bobo had to be put to sleep and we did it at our apartment. It was awful and I don’t ever want to have to go through that again. It made all of the memories come back. When they put him to sleep I held him and just crumbled on top of him crying when I felt the life leave his body. I just couldn’t stand reading it.
        A lot of people in the U.S. and other countries don’t like cats either and it is awful.
        I ADORE my dog but I have always related better to cats. I feel I am more cat-like than dog-like. Dogs are wonderful but after having had my Bobo for so many years (and it was just he and I like you with Puddy, I had no other pets with Bobo) our bond was so special, just like yours.
        I hate not seeing both cats and dogs treated equally.
        Thank you for coming by….seeing you always makes me smile!

      • Im SO sorry guys. I never meant to bring back, bad memories for you. It was what Gail said about the reasons why she started the shelter, that kinda made my comment come out all by itself. I think because that memory for me is still something I have never got over. I have never shared it before with anyone, and when Gail said her reasons for starting the shelter, I related.

        Please forgive, being new at pet blogs ,it didnt occure to me, what effect my comment would have. You can delete the offending part, I won’t mind.

  7. @Lifewith4cats, NOOOOO!! You do not have to apologize AT ALL!! it is important to sometimes have controversial issues come up whether we are comfortable reading them or not. You simply stated a fact that was painful for some of us to read but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have been said! You didn’t say anything rude or uncalled for. It is awful what some people do to cats who just hate them. Same as what some people do to pit bulls and other dogs that they decide they hate for whatever reason. You did NOTHING WRONG and there is no need to apologize!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • oh ok. THANKS. 🙂

  8. you are welcome!!!!! Please know that I think the world of you! (this is Dakota’s Mommy!!)

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