Barney The Escape Artist

Hi everybody!! I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while because Mom has just been ridiculous! She has been busy with Cat Chat With Caren & Cody and has neglected to give ME my computer time! The nerve!

We had such an interesting event take place  on Monday night and I herded Mom and Cody off of the computer so that I could tell you about it!

It started with a knock on the door from our next door neighbor.  (I knew what was about to happen because I can “smell” these things a mile away but I figured I would let her surprise my Daddy without telling him).

She had a doggie with her.

This guy!

This is Barney.  Barney is a friend of mine.  He lives with his Mommy (Lynne) at the same apt/condo complex that we do and she dates the nice man across the hall whose name is Joey. Joey has a Chihuahua named Chico. I love Joey, Chico, Lynne and Barney a ton!  I love to give Lynne kisses.

Barney, Lynne and Me!

This photo is of Lynne, Chico and Barney

on one of their visits to my house

Anyway, back to the mystery. Lynne works hard every day and I guess Barney gets lonely.  He misses his Mommy and his friends.  When our next door neighbor knocked on our door she had found Barney wandering outside of our building. Lynne and Barney don’t live right by us in the complex,  so Barney walked a good distance to get  here.

The biggest mystery is that Lynne said she locked her apartment door. How could he have escaped? Does he have super doggie powers?  Also, if Barney got out, how did he ever  open the heavy doors to get out of the building? Someone would have had to have let him out. I think that is mean. How could someone let a doggie out without their Mommy?

Mom and Dad let Barney stay with us until his Mommy came home from work.  Even my brother Cody couldn’t believe Barney was here!

See my brother, Cody’s head in the background?

He looks awfully comfortable doesn’t he?

Cody won’t take his eyes off him.

Cody just can’t believe this guy!!

Neither can I!

Ready for this? Today, he did it again!! This time Daddy was driving home from the store and he said he just saw Barney merrily prancing towards our building.  He wouldn’t let Daddy pick him up so Daddy opened the door and coaxed him inside our condo to keep him safe til someone could come and pick him up.

Barney’s Mommy Lynne is beside herself with worry. She is  wondering how and why this keeps happening. We have no clue!  I guess Cody and I will have to ask Barney ourselves.

Does this look like a dog that has the strength

to open two big,  heavy doors?


That’s what we thought!

Cody and I are waiting to see

if it happens again tomorrow!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota


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  1. What a mystery. Maybe they need to get one of those nanny cams. Could make for entertaining video!

    • Sara that is a GREAT idea!! I think she should do it!!! BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. wow, Barney doesnt look like hes going to be sharing his secrets freely. And Cody, hahah he looks real put out! But Dakota on the other hand, gets to be surrounded by barks and licks and love. Dakota, did you bribe the doorman? I know you think, “The more the merrier don’t you?”

    I enjoyed this post. Do keep us updated on the clues. Ill think of it as ‘the Barney files’ kinda like ‘the Rockford files’ detective show.

    • lol! Nope we may have to make him talk! Hmmm…maybe I did pay someone to let him out but I’ll never tell! lol. OMG I laughed about this being “The Barney Files” BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. Looks like Barney ain’t talk’in! I’d love to hear details on this mystery!

    • we want to solve the mystery too!! If we do we will be sure to let you know! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. It’s indeed a mystery! I agree with Sara that nanny cams might help solve this mystery.

    • that is a great idea, if it happens again I am going to tell my Mommy to tell her that! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. Cody has the right attitude…always be leery of the woofies! Those pictures are hilarious. Barney is a mystery doggie. I guess he has been realllllly lonely lately.

    • @Link, boy do you ever understand my brother Cody! Probably cause you are a kitty too!! Cody is sooooo leery of Barney that he doesn’t let him out of his sight. He isn’t afraid at all…he just follows him and stares at him. I think he is surprised because Barney is so close to being the same size as he is. BOL.
      We might have solved the mystery and if Mom ever lets me have some computer time I might be able to tell you about it next week!

  6. What a mystery! Please do keep us updated because I can’t take the curiosity! For now, I bet Dakota and Cody are relishing the time they get to spend with an adorable playmate like Barney. Just keep an eye on Barney in case he decides to share with Dakota and Cody the secret to his great escape! Then there’ll be three escape artists in your condo 😉

    • @Happy Bark Days, Hi! It’s “Mom” here! We might have solved the “mystery” but we aren’t sure. We should be able to let you know next week! Actually Cody is far more interested in Barney than Dakota is. Dakota is OBSESSED with Chico and Barney when they are OUTSIDE of our door. When they are inside, he isn’t the most polite host…he falls asleep.
      No worries about 3 escape artists (although your comment made me laugh)…Dakota AND Cody never show much of an interest in escaping…thank goodness! xoxoxo

  7. Oh noooo – that is such a sweet looking doggie too. It’s a good thing your peeps happened along at the right time. Sounds like nanny cam detective work to me – or that cute little doggie is sneaking out the door fast when his mama leaves without her seeing him.

    • Hi Mario! Yes he is a sweet little guy! He is so funny! We think we have some new information and if Mom ever lets me have the computer I will let you know next week!
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  8. That is scary. Hopefully a camera can figure it out. Bailey is the dog “catcher” in our neighborhood. He herds the escaped doggies and makes friends until we can get their Moms and Dads to come for them. He has kept a few from reaching the main road. Most of these are escape through fences or slip out doors when nobody is watching. I have never heard of anything like your mystery.

    • Hi Bailey! Yes it IS scary…but…I have a little more information that I hope to post one day next week. I think it is great that you help all of the doggies in your neighborhood get back home without getting into trouble. You are an model example of the Sheltie breed! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  9. Carren and Cody, please give Dakota extra computer time 😉

    This sounds like an x files case. Is there a big hole in the house they probably miss ?

    • Ha!!! novroz you are funny!!!! My mom said she will try and give me more computer time…actually I have something that will be posted tomorrow!! YAY!!! But…it isn’t about Barney. I will try and have my Mom let me post about Barney next week for sure!

      A “big hole” I love it! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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