A little background…Part II

Ok so yesterday I gave you a little background as to where my Mom’s obsession with Shelties started.  Since she met “Dandy” when she was a little girl she ALWAYS wanted a Sheltie. Well…that wasn’t to be until I came along!

Mom had a cat for many years. His name was Bobo. Since Bobo was the “only” pet Mom couldn’t get a dog, and Mom for quite a long time lived in apartments where she was only allowed to have cats.


Bobo passed away in 2007 and that broke Mom’s heart. My Dad wanted to help make her sadness go away so he started a MONTHS long quest to find a Sheltie for Mom.

He searched rescues for months but there were none in our area. Then, one day Mom’s bonus daughter, Marla called saying she knew of someone who was selling a Sheltie! Mom and Dad were so excited! They called about him but the woman wouldn’t sell him because Mom and Dad live in a condo. Mom was heartbroken. The woman said she knew of someone else who was selling a Sheltie that she couldn’t “show” and would they be interested?


Of course they were! It was ME!!!

Dad bought me for my Mom for her birthday in 2007 ! She really wanted a dryer since hers had just broken but she got me instead! I think I am a zillion times better than a dryer, don’t you?

So that is how I came to meet my Mom and Dad (and of course my kitty brother Cody who was adopted a few months before me!)

Barks and licks, Dakota

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  1. What a cool photo Dakota, Love G-ma

    • “G-ma!!!” Hi!!!! I am so happy you stopped by to visit! Hey everyone! My Grandma is who my Mom & Dad bought me from! Grandma please include your link if you still have your Sheltie website!! I would love for people to know where my Mom and Dad got me from! xoxoxo Barks and licks, Dakota

  2. Of course you’re million, zillion, trillion times better than a DRYER!!! I don’t need any dryer at all if only I could have you, Dakota!
    I love the picture of you kissing your mom, it’s so sweet, so adorable!
    Thanks for sharing your story with us and now we know how lucky your mom was that she found you at last!

    • Auntie Priscilla thank you! I think I am a “zillion, trillion times better than a dryer” too! BOL!! Just for the record…it took FOUR years but my Mommy just got a new dryer on Monday (and I am STILL here! BOL!) Thank you! I am so happy you like the photo. I love kissing my Mommy (and my Daddy and my brother too!)

  3. This is so exciting! Congrats on having your own bloggy. Bobo was a most extraordinary looking cat. Mum wants to know if you could email her some picts of him? Welcome and hugs!

    • Hi Koko! Thanks so much for stopping by!! My Mommy only has old, bad photos of Bobo, some of them are on her bloggy. Do you still want them emailed? They are really, really bad….he is also on Mommy’s facebook page in her photos there!

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