A little background…Part I

I bet you are wondering how I met my Mom and Dad, if you’re not, you should be!!

“It was a dark and stormy night….” WAIT!!! Wrong dog!! That would be the beginning of Snoopy’s story, not mine!

Ok here is the story as my Mom told me. Well maybe not exactly as she told me cause she talks too much so I will try to condense it for you.

When my Mom was a little girl she was obsessed with Lassie (yep Lassie was a COLLIE, NOT a Sheltie, but stay with me on this one). She LOVED LASSIE! So much so in fact that when she used to watch the show you know how at the end Lassie raises his paw? Well, my Mom used to do the SAME THING right back at Lassie! (she was kinda nuts even then. She was only 5 yrs old so we will cut her some slack.)

Mom used to play with some kids across the street who had what Mom thought in her non-developed 5 yr old mind was a Collie because it looked JUST LIKE LASSIE! She admitted that she really only played with the kids cause she loved their dog (and because their family used to buy her ice cream when the ice cream man came, but that’s a story for a  third blog (bite your tongue!) another day.

Their dog was actually a SHELTIE!!  He was small but he was a Lassie look-alike , his  name was “Dandy”….and in my Mom’s world, he WAS!

To be continued….

I have some noise to make.

Barks and licks, Dakota

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  1. Dakota, you have no idea how many people stop me to ask if my sheltie girls are miniature collies or collie puppies. Now that you have your own blog, you need to educate the rest of the world about the wonderful sheltie dogs you all are!

    • Hi Auntie Debbie! I know! Isn’t it pitiful!!?? I will have to think about “educating” everyone…I want this blog to be FUN! lol! I am so happy that you love Shelties the way that you do! Love you Auntie Debbie! Barks and licks, Dakota

  2. Don’t worry Dakota! You’re not alone at all cause I’ve the same problem all the time when I’m out. Most people will approach my mom and tell my mom that her LASSIE is really beautiful and when my mom says I’m a sheltie, they all look BLURRED, if my mum says I’m a miniature LASSIE, then they give her a nod as if they know what I’m at last. SIGH!!!
    I love your blog, Dakota! You’re one handsome guy!!!
    ~ Eva

    • Eva!! Hi!! I am so flattered that you stopped by my bloggie! Isn’t it pitiful how people don’t know who we are? And then when they say “miniature Lassie” they act as if our growth was stunted or something! BOL! Thank you for liking my blog Eva, I am still quite confused with Word Press but I will figure it out. I have to have my Mommy help me more! Barks and licks and LOVE! Dakota

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